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Maison Cordier was founded in 1886 by Désiré Cordier, who has built in the XX century a wine heritage of foreground. He placed his energy and visionary spirit at the service of excellence, to become an emblematic figure of the Bordeaux wine-trading business.

Today, more than ever, Maison Cordier claims taste for innovation. There are passion in our wines, spirit of conquest and desire to be present all around the world.

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In Cordier Enjoy La Vie, there is more than just a very good Bordeaux. There is the passion of hundreds of winegrowers that cooperate to make Cordier house, founded in 1886, a reference signature in French wine. And above all, there is what is at the heart of French culture : the art of enjoying life, of enjoying every moment as if it were a memorable occasion and knowing how to share these moments with those we love.

Cordier Labottière Prestige


Cordier Labottière Prestige is recognised as one of the most historic signatures among Bordeaux wine brands, with a focus firmly fixed on consumers who delight in tradition. Enthusiasts will have the opportunity to discover this red and white Bordeaux cuvee which has been widely praised by critics and won numerous awards. 

From exigency to elegance…

Cordier Labotiere Prestige Visuel
Cordier Labotiere Visuel

Cordier Labottière


Cordier is a brand that lives up to its upscale image. Cordier Labottière wines, both red or white, express the finesse of the great Bordeaux wines. Wines which are at once refined and easy to drink, they attest to a precise winemaking process and careful maturing in barrels.

These two Bordeaux wines, red or white, feature the same aromatic freshness and charm.

Cordier Collection Privée


Never forget that the Collection Privée was created as a tribute to Désiré Cordier’s passion for fine wine. Ever since the first vintages in the 1980s, the wine has borne testimony to these high expectations and this desire to taste the delights of Bordeaux history. The Collection Privée opens the gates to an authentic, accessible Bordeaux which pays particular attention to the grape’s natural expression. Arranged across the region’s most representative appellations, the Collection Privée reveals a fresh and harmonious range of aromas. 

A distinctive cuvée to be shared

Cordier Collection Privee Visuel
Pedigree Wines

Châteaux Partners

Cordier has always been at the heart of the vineyards. Its partnerships with great estates from the Bordeaux region are more than a mere commercial strategy, it is their core reason to be.

Prestigious names : a selection of prestigious estates and superb second wines from the most renowned appellations.

Distribution agreements : price and positioning control.

A close partnership: the owners are involved in exhibitions, fairs, promotional events, client reception.

Our oenologist offers technical assistance.

Châteaux of Club Cordier

Club Cordier brings together a selection of the most significant chateaux within each Bordeaux appellation. The estate owners work with us in a technical and commercial relationship.

Our shared aim is to reveal the potential of each terroir. Our oenologist guides our partner winemakers in producing wines which meet market expectations.

He remains by their side throughout the year. He determines the harvest dates for each plot, monitors the winemaking process and is involved in the final blend. He also supervises bottling, which is completed under Maison Cordier’s responsibility.

With Cordier’s support, most members have committed to sustainable agriculture by adopting a set of good environmental practices.

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Selection Chateaux Visuel

Châteaux selection

Châteaux selection contains a multitude of oenological discoveries: lesser-known chateaux, Crus Bourgeois, estates whose vineyards are often family-run. They are hugely passionate about their work and their terroir, and offer wines which are within everyone’s reach. Sometimes modern, sometimes classic, always sincere, they are our top choices.

To reveal these talents, first we have to find them. Travelling the vineyards of the left and right banks, seeking advice, analysing prices, tasting, tasting again...

It is thanks to this local expertise that we are able to provide our customers with such wonderful options.

Organic Wines

A deep commitment to the values of the land goes hand in hand with believing in the virtues of organic agriculture. That is why Cordier is currently developing a range of organic wines with winemakers who are committed to these practices.

The number of references is not important to us. What matters instead is that each estate owner has chosen organic practices based on his own beliefs, that each wine expresses a passion, and that each story is unique.

Making organic Bordeaux wines known around the world and supporting winemakers in this process represent an opportunity for attracting new consumers and extending our legacy.

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